Fantastic article. Thank you so much. Since I moved to the South I've felt bombarded by the chemical warfare substances quaintly referred to as fabric softener. Is it just me or is it getting stronger the more people are desensitized to it? Anyway, I totally relate and am going to check out some of the detox protocols.

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Great post Amandha. I immediately did a repost including it this morning. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an underdiscussed problem. https://denutrients.substack.com/p/multiple-chemical-sensitivity-autoimmune

The more people can get inflammatory triggers removed from their routine and nourish the body more, the hypersensitivity can lesson up somewhat. It takes a while though, not a few weeks or months. The over-expressed TRP channels have to slowing stop being over-expressed which means endocannabinoid signaling due to excess intracellular calcium has to be stopped. Adequate magnesium is needed and my step one recommendation - topical or chelated versions as malabsorption of ionic magnesium in the diet is frequent in stress/inflammation -> causes gut problems. *Speaking as a sufferer and recovering from this type of issue, and as a nutrition counselor who helped patients too.

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Hello Amadha,

I would love to support your work. I have a lot of respect for what you do and am happy to have a fellow Canadian speaking truth. Could you please tell me what I would get with a paid subscription? The reason I ask is, for the last few years I have been searching for like minded people that I can connect with. My family and friends have no idea what is coming and of course they think I'm crazy. I begged my children not to take the medicine but they did and I am terrified for them. I was unable to express my views with anyone and I was not allowed to see my grandchildren for the longest time. It's brutal. Everyday they spray us, we may end up with no food or something that is not food at all. We may not have access to alternative medicine and all of this is very concerning. I would love to have people who I can share ideas with and have them share theirs. A community. In the beginning of 2022 I left Canada. I went to Mexico where I believed there would be like minded people and where I could make a place for my family should they see the light someday. I was there for 7 months. Overall I had a good experience in Mexico, the ocean, the nature and the sunshine was amazing but I was alone and there were infiltrators within the freedom group. I trusted them, they explained that they could teach me crypto, we must prepare for the financial collapse they said. They were spiritual, friendly and seemed to be on the same page as myself, unfortunately they betrayed my trust and they took full advantage. I'm not just blaming them, it was my own naivety that got me in trouble. I was alone again. I missed my family and they expressed that they had no interest in moving to Mexico, so I decided to return to Canada. Relations are better as long as I don't bring up anything related to covid or to what the WEF is doing. What I was looking for are, sources of food in my area, of course ways to heal, help protect assets and money and some nice friends who understand what is happening. People that understand what's happening and are willing to do something about it. I'm sorry for this rant, it's just that I need help and would greatly appreciate any insight you could provide. Thanks so much for all you do.



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Thank you!

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