Thank you for this information. Can you clarify a dosage question for me? If 25-30 mg of concentrate (1 tsp standard dose) yields 3 mg boron, then 500 mg of concentrate (100 ml dosage for Rebalancing Candida) will yield 50 mg boron. This is a significant increase from the 3 mg standard dose. Is there a typo in the document or is this correct? Is it safe to take 50 mg of boron daily? Seems like a lot.

Thank you for clarifying this for me.


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Wow. Amazing post and tons of information. Thank you ADV. Merry Christmas. Peace.

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I heard that years ago people used borax to clean clothes. Then it was phased out supposedly because the petroleum-derived detergents were cheaper. So the myth was born that borax was a pollutant, and boron was bad. Which is a phenomenon that always happens: when they want destroy the competition of some cheap and effective product, they invent the old product is expensive and a evil and toxic, and then hide the information about how toxic and polluting the new product really is, or how many pollution is created in the production of the new product.

This is an interesting question: would it be cheaper or easier to do the waste water treatment of municipal water collected from cities, which includes detergent from washing machines, if people switched back to borax or other products to do the laundry?

We keep displacing the costs of things down the line and pretending that we can compare two different products with incomplete information.

By the way, I have skin reactions to some detergents, and some components of liquid soaps. Gliceryn soap seems to be the best or least reactive for me, but I had to really seek for special laundry detergent with a label that says "0% content" of certain common chemicals in order to stop the itching and the occasional rashes. Then they stopped selling that laundry detergent because it was too cheap, and now I have to buy a way more expensive version of detergent labelled for babies, in order to avoid the harsh chemicals.

People are crazy for the continued used of poor quality products, which are always overpriced and harm our bodies and even the pets.

Crazy times.

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Where can I find the article you mention: Arthritis and Rheumatism?

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Yes, the doses depend on your goals and also if you are being precise with boron amounts. I would measure it, make the solution and take 3 tsp a day in water for hot flashes. I do have a full xeno-estrogen cleansing protocol here: https://yummy.doctor/video-list/happy-hormones-how-to-use-progesterone-detoxing-xeno-estrogens/

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