Hi Amanda,

So you are the one who did that amazing video to "them" back in 2021! - you inspired the shit out of me with that video. I am so very grateful for you. Your energy is stellar. I love it. I watched your video from Sept 2021 recently over an hour long, it was in an email subject line "Your Cold Is Your Cure". It was inspiring I have forwarded it to many and spoken of you and it to many. I am I guess, a fan.

I am also in ON, Barrie, since 1986. Turning 75 this month and still seeing patients/clients, doing variations on RMT based body work, cranial sacral, ortho-bionomy, and energy work (Esoteric Healing). I am all about the natural approach and would love to meet you one day. I just checked out Mexico as a possible place I might be able to afford to retire....thinking about giving up my licence to practise this year (wrists hurt) and just doing energy work and promoting the classes I've created and the book I've written (BREATHE). Its a whole new world out there and I am so not sure what exactly I will be doing - just know what I love to do. Help raise consciousness and enjoy the present moment as much as possible. Sending you lots of love, and hope, and strength. Carol Martin

www.enlightenedliving.me if you want to check me out.

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What is feline leukaemia vaccine for? My partner is adamant about our cat getting it. He booked an appointment and our cat had one dose last week and the vet said he needs another in a month and then in a year. I wish I knew more about this because it make sense me really nervous. Does anyone have any good sources for information about feline leukaemia vaccine please?

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I’m a newbie antivaxxer, learned the very hard way when I lost 2 kitties after their rabies shots. I was slow to connect the dots. The most recent kitty death was so quick post jab it was painfully obvious plus my extreme response to the Pfizer #2 has changed my view on the whole medical system.

I have a new kitty. Rescued a feral 4 week old kitten found solo on the street. I’ve never worked with a feral before and even tiny kittens are ferocious. She’s bitten be several times.....because I was a numbskull. But 5 months later she’s wonderful and sweet. I’m not going to vaccinate her but I did have her spayed. I traveled a couple hours away to a vet that spays unvaccinated Ferals. She’s all healed and doing great. She’s eating raw whole prey which I’m new to but seems obviously required for an obligate carnivore. I’m so sad that I used to feed my previous cats kibble and I vaccinated them.

My question is I would like to get another cat (fixed boy) for companionship for my girl but the boy is vaccinated. I’m worried that the vax could shed on my girl. I know it’s a weird worry but I thought I’d ask to see what others thought.

He needs a home but I’m not sure how my kitty will take to it and I’m not the type that could return the new cat. But on the other hand it could be the best thing that happened to both of them...


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Great information!

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Awesome article! I concur 💯%! Never ever, everrr vaccinate your furries. The only time we see a vet is at end of life, and our vet comes to us. Perks of country living.

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