Can anyone help me understand the below scenario? And to begin, I am familiar enough with Amandha’s work to know that just because everyone in a family seems to get sick at or around the same time, does NOT indicate contagion. However, there is one situation that is stumping me regarding a friend’s newborn.

My friend had her third uneventful homebirth last month. Baby was born completely without incident, and of course had zero interventions upon entering the world (eg no shots, ointments, etc). Baby is EBF with zero formula. A few days after the birth, one of the older siblings started coughing. Then another, then another. There are 5 children total and all got incredibly ill at the same time, including the newborn. The newborn could barely breathe and was retracting in the most severe way I’d ever seen (I am unfortunately very familiar with what retraction looks like in young children). Out of desperation the newborn was put on a strict nebulizer regimen with albuterol, and eventually the danger passed. She also had an over 102 degree F fever, which is quite dangerous for a days-old infant.

The doctors of course said it was RSV, and for older children I understand Amandha’s message here. But what about this brand new baby who was brought into this world in the best way we know to be possible? Obviously toxins are everywhere, but this scenario I believe is very atypical and I’m wondering if anyone can explain what exactly happened here.

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Hello Amandha. Not so sure about the FE stuff (I'll skip that for now considering I'm a geometer/physicist kinda guy...not of the "institutional" persuasion though)...

I used to comment/write articles often regarding anti-virus, anti-vax, various diseases, naturopathy, EM, etc sort of stuff. Personally confronted pretty much every obvious subversive and shill on substack I could identify. Eugyppius, Kirsch, Berenson, van den Bossche, Crawford, Girardot, Nass, Lyons-Weiler, Huber, etc. Never get replies or proper arguments (other than occasional insults, or getting banned...that sort of thing...sbstk has banned me 2-3 times I think, obviously banned numerous times on sbstk "truther" newsletters).

Just saying, be wary of sbstk, there's a lot of subversion and misdirection, particularly regarding pharma marketing (of worthless controlled op shit like HCQ and ivermectin). I am unsure how meaningful it is trying to reach people with sbstk, having tried. Kinda taints the psyche, if you know what I mean.

Some of the readers in this comment section (like Brian, Rob, Word Herder and Joy Lucette Garner) might recognize me (Frank GL, Slandermen, sir isO, etc)...I'm not the most likable guy typically, oh well.

And now time for some of my usual spam...

I called out covid fraud to a tee in January 2020 in the comment section at the bottom of this article when I first noticed covid BS: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-01-global-coronavirus.html

Do you like "lunatic" satire?


And one of my still existing very random/ranty/satirical/critical/spamming "stream of thought" posting blogs (that hasn't been banned/deleted)...there are actually one or two okayish "articles", I guess. Most of it is music pimping and kinda meaningless though. An example: https://slandermen.substack.com/p/of-course-covid-exists

Anyway, good luck with your sbstk endeavours...it's not for me.

*Excuse my typing.

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Bravo and thank you, as always for calling it out so straightforwardly.

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Thank you for unbanning me from Yum Naturals Emporium Amandha

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People get so angry at this kind of posts. It's endless comedy!

"But muh virus!"

Poor people. We are so retarded for failing to see this swindle!

We the not-a-virus clan are not retarded, but we lack manners sometimes. I'm trying to raise the level of argumentation a bit, but the neophytes are so passionate that they scare people right away. I know, because I was a neophyte NAVidian a few months ago and I scared a few MDs here on substack. LOL!

Thanks, Amandha, for writing this and publishing here. I loved your debate with Paul Cottrell. You totally vanquished his arguments with so much elegance. He was genuinely impressed. Unconvinced, but he clearly expected an easy win against an uninformed person.

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A friend on Twitter shared this - it coincides with lots of what Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andy Kaufman have also discovered - that viruses are something that shows up after the fact - in reality, exsosomes that the body and bacteria create to cope with poisoning/disease. They also mention the water gel state and how critical water is --- amazing stuff. Thanks for a good summary share!

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DAMN, this is an AWESOME explanation of the fraud we've been enduring for over a century!!!!

WELL DONE! I am saving, sharing, and jumping for joy!

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i can concur with this. First time heard of RSV, but the symptoms of detox/heal, the runny nose et al i see frequently when out for stroll with my mum (more often than not under chem-trailed skies). Mum is very good at having protective 'acutes'.... she hasn't the 'baggage' of active thought and perception due to her dementia...

Yes, she still has the reflex of saying ' i have a cold' ...but all the mind-control shenanigans in name of 'covid' went in one ear and out of the other. Without this interference she is apparent as a clear example of well functioning metabolically detoxing human, even at 93yrs old.

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I completely agree, Amandha. We have been living on this planet for tens of thousands, some say even hundreds of thousands, of years and for nearly all those many years we got along just fine without Big Pharma and their poison pills. I was cured of a staph infection when I was 22 years old by an herbalist who gave me a bottle of 3 herbs to apply on the unsightly sores. I firmly believe that there is a plant, a leaf, a flower, a root for every ailment that afflicts us. Sending Serenity Peace and Awareness, Anna Leather from Gabriola Island

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RSV. Isn’t that a bible edition? Anyone remember Bible Codes? Some mathematician took sequences of letters in the Hebrew Bible and “proved” that certain predictions were encoded there and got the results published in a peer reviewed journal. It seems something similar is going on here, just different “bible.”

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A nice in silico 'Répondez S'il Vous Plaît'

to a RSV.

Very important factor that everybody forgets is what happened, (starting in earnest), in 2020 & continued at 'warp speed' in our schools. Rampant 5G installations. Perfect device to Mask-er-Aid common cold symtoms and start the next round of mandates by preying on the kids + (kids w/ jabs :(. It is the perfect 'heart string' tactic to arouse the NPC ewes & wether's to push the mask sigil + whatever MSM tells them.

People please,,, Do Not Forget the 5G factor !

Reporting Flat______ from Bobcaygeon Ont.


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Great article. Our bodies are amazing and we just need to let them be amazing! Look forward to your write-up on flat earth. Also, my oldest has a walnut allergy which I’m sure is from the early childhood v’s (as with my own childhood epilepsy). I have this strong nagging feeling this allergy is something I can help him reverse. Any insight or wiring you’ve done on this? Thank you so much!

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I lack the vocabulary to write such prose.

I usually cock my eye and say "bullshit" in my inner voice. If my body cant fight that "whatever," then I am dead.

I watched my wife almost die from Crohns meds. 10 years of that bullshit did more damage to her digestive track than anything nature could have done. Big wakeup call yo an insanely corrupt medical system.

We went whole food plant based. Boomshackalacka. Been going great for 5 years.

I am down to smiling. Can't fix stupid in any case. Me or them

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Excellent, so well explained Thank you!

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AWESOME coverage, and the meme with the doctor ROCKS!!!

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Wow. Keep up the great work. The truth is music to my ears. Thank you sincerely. Carol Martin

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