Good morning Amandha, I'm on your Telegram - wondering if I can may be added to the discussion group there please?

I've got a Telegram about the Haarp documents and agreements between Canada and US from 1975 perhaps you can find it - a post by this https://t.me/geoengineered/17628

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In what you have presented, I don't see any evidence that their spraying has affected the weather or climate. We need a scientific method used to prove "seeding" as a cause of weather modification.

As with "viruses", the studies shouldn't be based on computer models nor exclusively rely on epidemiological observations or statistics. There has to be a clear presentation of CAUSE & EFFECT -- and not just hyperbolic claims.

Have you studied atmospheric science? Are you aware of the variables regarding barometric pressure & humidity & wind currents & temperatures?

Have you studied the science of aerial disbursement? Do you have any realistic idea about what flea-man can achieve with his teeny-weeny flying machines and the misty mists they spray into the gargantuan atmosphere? How much do you know about the effects of the Sun upon the earth and its atmosphere and weather?

Have you even peeked into the subject of Atmospheric Science? Don't you think it would be helpful to do so since you are discussing the subject of humans spraying stuff into the atmosphere in the hopes of modifying the forces known as WEATHER?




At the end of the day, do you want it to be true that flea-man can alter the weather? Then you will find claims (but no evidence according to the Scientific Method) to support your wishes. If you don't want it to be true, then you will find claims that say just that, plus, you will find no convincing scientific evidence that mankind can alter the weather. You may find evidence of mankind attempting to poison mankind with aerial spraying, but you won't EVER find any evidence for mankind altering the weather, the winds, the heat from the sun, and, most importantly, the barometric pressure.

Since you've been researching this subject since 2003, and have not concluded that weather modification is a scary con, then you have so much invested in being "right" that you will bristle at any dissenting opinions. Your mind is made up. It's settled as far as you're concerned. And it's weird how it seems you want it to be true -- how your wanting it to be true transcends intellectual integrity and basic scientific scrutiny.

Meanwhile, millions upon millions of humans continue to vaccinate their dogs & cats & farm animals, and how many videos can you find discouraging people from vaccinating their pets with even ONE vaccine?

You have a sizeable audience...and you could possibly save the lives & health of many dogs & cats by informing your audience about what you've learned about so-called contagious illnesses & "viruses" & vaccines AND HOW THAT KNOWLEDGE APPLIES TO ANIMALS, but no, you use your bandwidth to promote fear-porn that you cannot substantiate with ANY convincing scientific evidence.


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Hi, they spray for many reasons. I encourage you to read Elana Freelands book, Geoengineered Transhumanism. Aldo, are you aware of the work the Carnicom Institute has done over the last 25 years?

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According to the laws of physics, humans are the size of grains of rice compared to the gargantuan size of the earth and its atmosphere. Believe whatever you must about the actual capabilities of grains of rice and their efforts to control the weather. You have to live with your beliefs. I don't.

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I'm trying to chat with you

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Amandha the self-professed witch. She drips with the occult.

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Well done, Amanda. It's time for people to wake up from this indifference regarding this crime.

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May 21, 2023·edited May 21, 2023

Amanda, the witch

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If Amanda is a witch then you're a toad.

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Thank you Amanda for your heroic efforts.

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Amanda, I would love to connect with you. I am launching a legal campaign against the biggest geoengineering perpetrators. Please email me at reinettesenum@gmail.com

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Apr 17, 2023Liked by Amandha Dawn Vollmer

I saw a tiktok video where you placed copper around some sticks to dispel the chemtrails. Is it that simple? Can you explain how it works? Thank you for all that you do. 😊💜

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Yes, you are making a loop antennae with copper (can use other metals too but copper is ideal also elementally) around a stick or dowel. The copper needs to get into the ground a few inches, especially if using for electroculture. The aetheric (free) energy being pulled in enlivens both the air and the soil, supporting life and equilibrium.

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The state of Victoria, Australia, has had a full-blown "Rain-making Control Act" since 1967!


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Thank you for the hard work you have done.

The problem is Amandha you are conflating issues with total respect.

Your post is a very emotional one and I understand your concerns and I fully agree with what you are saying about the environmental damage that is being caused by protected mega corporations who have Government protecting them in the quest for profiteering oligarchs at the expense of the 99%.

Of course, when one goes back to 1966 and Spaceship Earth and then the forming of Club of Rome in 1968 which was the start of demonising the lower caste of humans as being the cause and blaming us, you and me and all other people. We must not forget what Maurice Strong and his ilk like Anders Wijkman intent was. DESTROY MOST OF HUMANITY AND WHAT IS LEFT MAKE THEM SLAVES. Please see this. https://www.technocracy.news/club-of-rome-the-origin-of-climate-and-population-alarmism/

Just again look at the statement by the Club of Rome

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

So yes, I am in full agreement with you. My approach is different that is all. My approach is a rational one and not emotional, because when one is emotional the ability to reason is problematic.

Geoengineering and cloud seeding (Weather Modification tag) are two different things.

Firstly, Concerning Geoengineering

I did not dispute the fact that the megalomaniacs like Bill Gates and many other Malthusian eugenicists want to play GOD. We can all see that with Gates and the attempt to destroy most of humanity with the injectable digital poisons.

I do not believe that humans are capable of such feats as changing the climate of which weather is one of the consequences of climate.

I do believe that they are at war with humanity and they are not part of humanity, but see themselves as Gods. These psychopaths are capable of anything.

Secondly concerning cloud seeding. Yes, it is claimed as weather modification, but is it really? Only one aspect which is precipitation is being claimed as a success.

My view that I argued against, is that it was claimed that condensation trails were or are proof that it was chemicals that were being sprayed.

So, let’s go deeper into that. Someone, makes an observation of condensation trails behind aircraft and arrives at a conclusion somehow without any empirical evidence that these are not condensation trails but chemical trails. I argue that no matter how good your eyes are you will not be able to see a anything at the altitude that these aircraft fly at let alone the make-up of the trail observed. Of course, the burden of proof is theirs. So far there is no proof to which you say so yourself in you discussion with the lawyers.

They, Tony & Henry “also stated that the gold standard for the court would be air samples but are expensive to gather; in the realm of close to a million dollars to produce.” – So, in fact there is no empirical evidence as yet.

I would like to draw your attention to a few cardinal points in the FOI that you obtained with the help of Christine Massey for whom I have great respect.

On page 12 of 54; Cloud seeding is a hypothesis as is hail suppression.


On page 15 of 54; Part 9. No special surface observation is planned.

Why, because it is impossible to see the seeding taking place from the surface, you cannot see through the cloud., Nor can they. So, there cannot be a chemtrail if it cannot be observed.

Note the comments on the requirements to observe using doppler radar and balloons above the clouds. On page 25 it explains that observation is electronic See seeding Techniques See Part 10 on Page 15 General Information Concerning any Measurements and Observation Instrumentation

On page 20

On page 23 of 54; Specific Modification Sought.

This is the intention and its purpose is to reduce insurance pay-outs. It’s all about the industry. Part 1 on Page 20 Class of economy to benefit makes it clear.

So, they are not really concerned about crop damage “20 of the largest insurance industry and their affiliates have banded together…. Since 1966. In other words for the last 50 odd years that still have been unable to prove anything. Someone is making a lot of money fooling the insurance industry.

Page 23 & 24 Secondary effects ……. “The effect of seeding on crop damage is inconclusive at this time.

They ignore the environmental damage as a consequence of their actions too.

I am not going to comment any further on the FOI, I thinks its obvious that they are harming everyone and are protected from the consequences of their actions as are the vaccine industrial complex.

I repeat that, I am in full agreement with you. My approach is different that is all.

Kindly ask your commentators to please refrain from their vile and abusive invective.

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Well said.

There is this curious element showing up in some "truthers" whereby they are irresistibly attracted to fear-porn theories & claims that they desperately want to be true, and seem emotionally overwhelmed by the claims to the point that they lose their ability to adequately scrutinize them.

The problem is, they are behaving like tools and useful idiots for the very people they distrust. They are fanning the flames of unsubstantiated fear-porn. They are not helping mankind. They are harming it with fear-porn. They are behaving, unwittingly (perhaps), like extensions of the CIA and MSM -- just like Judy Mikovitz, Lee Merritt, Alex Jones, Stew Peters, Russell Brand, Sherri Tenpenny...to name but a few.

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geezz, LIKE to hear yourself talk much! YOU better get some emotions in you and soon... when there is NO emotions over people being MURDERED.. its then that YOU will go along quite nicely and with NO emotions....let them shove your families on trains!!

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Shhh, Your peanut is rolling around.

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Your arrogance is showing .....

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Yours too

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Oh, Will Thomas also came to that bookstore to speak to us and share his latest research book. Seems at that time , the nurses across Canada and the States had told him that 33% approx. of elderly coming into the emergency rooms of hospitals for "non life-threatening emergencies", left there dead of over medication. It's been going on a long time. Abdication of full responsibility for your own and your family's health will get you that. This microwave screaming oven we all live in now is driving me insane. I can hear the damned signals. It's pure torture. Have been able to hear it for years now.

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i hitched up to Salt Spring Island in 2002 or 2003? to talk to folks up there about this, as the pot growers here just would ask me"why are you so negative?" Right. The folks on Salt Spring got going on this, when I riled it up up there, it was ll coming from the base across the sound. The young man at the bookstore had worked with Greenpeace for five years, and had been taking his own videos.

Some time later, David Suzuki was on the island for a money conference, about money, yes, and he was invited to speak at the bookstore. Through friends, I was shown a letter from him, saying he feared for himself and his family to speak of this. So after the usual fools got done asking him whether they should buy a new car or keep the old...I asked the question. He claimed not to know what I was speaking of. Now, that was a room full of young activist who had grown up thinking he was the man, and they knew he was lying,a nd it infuriated me. I asked more than once, and when he simply dismissed me, you could have a pin drop when I said, loud and clear, "A complete lack of courage and honesty. "

He told his sponsors, I heard the next day, that he would never return to the island as long as a woman named Laughing Waters was there. Fuck you David Suzuki, you worm. Feeling safe yet?

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Thank you for shining light onto this important topic and putting together all these resources.

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One of the black op chemicals being sprayed by the bad guys, because yes, there is the official program, but there is an unnoficial program of spraying also, and the main black op chemical being sprayed by this black op program is Arsine gas. So there is your con vid, your strep A overgrowth and all known diseases.

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