I wrote this article after viewing your video on the double cross. But note, I still have what is called long covid and have not found the solution.


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Please listen to this interview of Dr. Brian Ardis starting at 33 minutes:



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I am an ex smoker and I intend to stay that way. Nicotine is a dangerous drug in it's own right and is not on my agenda.

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Ivermectine is hindering emergency detox by protease inhibition. Notice how people using Pavloxidine having "Covid symptoms" rebound. AFAIK Pavloxidin copied that particular mechanism solely. Ivermectine has more mechanisms like being Zinc ionophorish. Could that confer cellular protection? Now of course if that's the only mechanism one would look for maybe Quercetin is more feasible and definitely safer. FLCCC has or at least had Q listen in their protocoll. I know of 1 or maybe 2 studies showing it helpful for "Ebola". Not much but also for "Covid". Both as "treatment" and preventive.

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Very informative article and thanks for the resources. Just another item to chew on and absorb and hopefully the parasites will not get to it first! Cheers!

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I just recently found DMSO and your book has been exceptionally useful plus happy to have found you BUT as I always do when I find a new resource I look to Telegram and lo and behold you have a channel.

But, I can not see comments nor post then I started researching as I am very adept and have great discernment and have now found out why.

Seriously who is Tim Amanda? Do you know? Or who he represents or what side he is on.

Those studies on Ivermectin have serious issues not the least of which is they were conducted in China AND released coincidently in Nov.2020...where is your discernment? Now Amanda while you are free to conduct yourself as you see fit on your channel it certainly appears from afar that free speech to you means speech YOU agree with only. Hence the disclaimers.

Its beyond insane to think these evil bastards are as smart as you think they are though I will add a caveat, no way on earth would I use Ivermectin from Merck, I know they are part of the evil. My Ivermectin comes from India

I now fully see through Malone for example but many others you consider to be controlled opposition make no sense at all. In other words your ability to discern is not anywhere near where you think it is. It would appear to me that you consider all of the FLCCC and even people like Dr. Peter McCullough to be controlled opposition. There is no way any of them are and even Rogan who I do not follow or watch is clearly not controlled opposition.

I am the type of human who can write something like I am and still be able to come visit and use your services, alas I am uncertain you are able to.

Its a shame because I literally live down the road in Temagami and my wife is having a blast going through your videos on your blog. She has 2 vertebrae with very little spongy stuff and they diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago. Which in my humble opinion is not even a 'disease'.

I like you was on to this fraud from day one and in the end I lost my job of 28 years because I refused to be tested 3 times a week to continue going to work, the injection was a nonstarter from day one.

Then our God went to work and provided me with a whole new life thats better in every way then my previous life. I refuse to stop talking to people and talk to 5-10 people a day but only focus on trying to stop them from taking further shots and show them various links for detoxing.

I don't bother with much of the other important topics/truths, like the fact there are no such thing as virus's because the sheep simple can not handle that information yet and talking about it only leads many of them to tune us out.

If Ivermectin was doing as Tim so called Truth says then our customs would not block people from importing it, me twice and our medical system would surely have allowed doctors to prescribe it.

I get mine from India and did a 3 month stint of 12 mg a day that clearly got rid of the parasites I had. For one my appetite was nowhere near what it was prior as I am no longer feeding myself and parasites.

I have not seen many saying this but I wonder if the reason why Ivermectin appears to work for the non-existent covid is because many of these injections are actually some concoction of parasites to keep the fear and lockdowns going. That was their plan, to have us locked down for multiple years until eventually they brought out the injection to 'save' humanity

When you examine the symptoms of parasitic infection you fi8nds its very similar to flu symptoms in many ways.

I feel blessed to be alive during these biblical times and I have learned oh so much about natural ways to heal ones self.

I actually stopped my kidney medication 18 months ago and all is good.

We started the DMSO about 2 weeks ago and my wife is having tremendous results already and my arthritis has literally disappeared already after just 2 weeks on DMSO.

I hope to one day visit you in Minden but in the meantime would love to be able to comment and share experiences with others on your telegram channel.

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Amandha, this is exactly what my farmer friend has been pointing at ever since ivermectin was mentioned in this plandemic. He has been through huge problems on his farm from the use of this drug used to 'worm' his cows (by his father before he took over running of the farm)The soil was effectively destroyed. This chemical kills the delicate balance of life within the soil. His father developed Parkinson's disease and he also believes he had nerve damage as a result of being exposed. It has taken him many years to bring the soil back into health, and he talks very passionately about his findings - if anyone dares to bring up the idea that ivermectin will help health in any way.

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Very interesting perspective, thank you Amandha.

I also see Ivermectin being promoted for what is 'called' Lyme disease.

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Absolutely fascinating info! Thanks!

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true but only part of the picture... she must know the other parts like parasitic overload cytokine storms etc like anything in this world the right amount ,right time, right substance ... medicine is not an exact science , and would be well presented as such

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Thank you so much for your research and your devotion to truth and for sharing it with us. I would love to connect with you however I understand you no longer take clients? After listening to many of your videos and reading your articles you mention that you will provide courses in the future? Is this correct? I have yet to watch the Sovereign/PMA video but will do so very soon. This is something that interests me very much. I would like to purchase food from a sovereign source, grow some of my own and learn the many ways we can be self sufficient and get away from the grip of these crazy people who want to destroy us. I want to thank you again for your work and best wishes to you Amandha. Claudia

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show me AI is writing an article without telling me AI is writing an article😬

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Feb 16, 2023·edited Feb 16, 2023Author

Pardon? I wrote this article. Please don't insult my intelligence.

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I think the Ivermectin double cross is also happening with eating meat https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/eating-meat-is-not-anti-globalist


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Thanks for your work!

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Thank you Amandha, it means a lot 🙏🏽



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Here's my collection of links and memes relating to Ivermectin:


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Thank you, Bill!

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If the government says it's good, don't take it

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Today I am reminded about how our sense of smell helps protect us from many things that are not good for us to inhale. I was in a tour group where only a few people of twenty felt very put off by the smell of carpet adhesive or epoxy, something of that nature. I asked others and they couldn't smell anything. There is also a smell that I can smell from the soft plastics of some children's toys I cannot have near me as well, the soft plastic of some baby dolls in particular, the smell makes me nauseous. I am a person that doesn't even know if I've had covid or whether it's been in our house. Could sense of smell be protecting me from things that others do not know they need protecting from? Besides full on smoke, could lacking of full sense of smell (which i've heard is a common lasting effect of covid) be endangering people without them knowing?

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I have this experience of smell as well. I've been noticing a smell on other's clothes that can also then be on their skin, which can end up on textiles in my place.

To me it's pungent and I get a strong no from my body.

I'm guessing perfume in laundry soap or dryer sheets. Curiously those who have this smell on their clothes are not aware of it, although they are respectful of me.

Thank you for your perspective.

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You're welcome. Thank you for sharing as well. :-)

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I think what you are talking about here is called, in other contexts, the "switcheroo."

We want to poison you with the killshots, but you are too smart and won't take it, we use reverse psychology to tell you not to take IVM, then you run like crazy for IVM, because all your heroes of the resistance are promoting it, but, here comes the switcheroo, IVM produces similar effects that we wanted to cause with the killshots you won't take.

It is impossible to talk people about this possibility because there is a strong barrier based on fear and pride. The fear that the people you look up to have betrayed you, again, and the pride that there is an easy and cheap solution to that terrible disease that is covid (NOT!) and as stkirsch said, all humans took IVM for one month, the transmission of the virus would stop and covid would be over (he said that or something very similar, but my memory may be wrong.)

So all the emotional, social, cultural and economic damage (all objectives of this war) could have been avoided if there had been no censorship of IVM. That is what we believe. Maybe we are wrong again?

We are very well educated consumers. Very trusting. If there is a disease, there has to be one simple cure. Inexpensive, accessible and one that does not require much effort to use. The pill. Even a sachet of powder to be dissolved in water is too much effort. We ant pills!

The doctors say there are no cures for anything. Pills, and anything else, only suppress symptoms at best. And cause other symptoms, but they cannot say that or won't say that.

Why they say that Samuel Hanhemann died very wealthy? They say it was because he sold many useless *cures* to many willing costumers, and that is a shame because charlatans outside the government should not get rich. Only charlatans inside the government should become wealthy. That is: money gained outside the framework of public institution forcing people to consume things they don't want, has no merit at all.

Imagine Harry. Harry is an entrepreneur of nature medicine. He sells home made pure gum spirits of turpentine to willing costumers, that come to him searching for a cure for parasites. Harry has not go to hunt down the costumers and drag them to his store. He just throws harmless publicity, that is censored or very much frowned down: If you want a cure, come to my store.

Hypothetical Harry is very transparent about his methods of production of his turpentine. He also explains that this treatment require patience and determination. He explains adverse events that may happen, and what to do if that happens. He explains the need to use other things, such as clean water, in the deparasitation process. He is such a helpful entrepreneur that he will present his costumers with a booklet that explains everything.

Hypothetical Harry is having great success and he is earning a lot of money. The people from the pharmacy notice fewer clients coming. They get angry. They denounce Harry to the authorities that regulate commerce: "Harry is selling a real cure and is destroying our jobs. Make him stop!"

That is the "creative destruction of capitalism." How freedom to choose your way will destroy the bad businesses. It seems that only a strong protection racket, paid with taxpayer money, can prevent the creative destruction from taking place.

The problem is that those who benefit from free market capitalism will become fearful of losing their position of dominance, and will desire regulation to fend off the danger of losing to new competition that offers an even better product.

People like free market when it's beneficial to their interests, and they betray the spirit of the free market when it becomes a threat to their interests.

Like PCB's. People used die intoxicated with coal burning because they didn't like to die from cold temperature, and they only had wood and coal to burn and keep warm. Then electricity was invented. People now have a new way to keep warm, that solve the problem of breathing dirty air. But the plastics (PCB) used to insulate electrical components are toxic in another way. They contaminate the water and then the land, and then all the food is problematic. Well, maybe not all the food. Only the food that is produced near the contamination spot. Which may be a big area.

Normally someone would come up with an idea to correct the problem. But that would have created problems for the new empires of electricity. Entrepreneurs are not allowed near an established industry.

If we close our eyes for 100 years, then the problem will solve itself, right. I mean, people will get used to it. Like, having an epidemic of weird cancers that used to be super rare. That may be caused by contamination.

"Well, you see, that is impossible," say the spin doctors. "Ackkkkshually, there was always many cancers, but there were no methods of diagnosing them so the statistics show a false effect of growth in cancer diagnosis that seems, falsely, to correspond to new cancers. Perish that though. You are being silly and paranoid. If the authorities say there is no problem, then there is no problem."

That is how many some people think. They are biased to think that a complicated argument based on a statistical fallacy explains away all the problems they refuse to acknowledge.

Or, they would say, there was fewer cancers before because people didn't live long enough to develop them. They died in wars and terrible epidemics because there was no vaccines. People who die in their 20s, 30s, 40s, don't get to reproduce or their offspring may died before becoming adults and all that hinders the growth of population. Also, those dead people will not have cancer. That is a way to end the shameful cancer epidemic of today. We only need to go back to our old and traditional ways of having wars all the time, with conscription of people and confiscation of land and food for the armies, causing famines. That makes so much sense than the current system of having wars all the time in other countries and poisoning our own people to keep the growth down.

Then, the most important aspect to all this is that all solutions must be nipped in the bud. As Thomas Sowell reasoned "There are no solutions, only compromises." Which actually means that if someone were to find a way of creating electricity 100 times cheaper than today and without contamination, such that heavy industry (steel) would begin using electricity instead of coal, thus creatively destroying the carbon and petrol industry, which would make more expensive the production of petrol derived chemicals; then we have to make the compromise of keeping up the system even if that means wreaking havoc everywhere. Solutions must not be allowed, not once, not ever, in anything.

Too good to be true. It is probably false. Like the idea that all contagious diseases caused by microbes were invented to never discover and then solve the problems of contamination. It has to be false. Otherwise, we would be even worse than we think we are.

The great cover up.

Curiously enough, this cover up also benefits the ecologists and the natural health practitioners. They also want a stable business. They want power over humans, too. Like normal doctors. They need to control information and to scare people to keep them bound, so that they never seek a solution. There are no easy solutions allowed in environmentalism or in natural medicine. Otherwise, people would flourish and become free, making our business unpredictable. And there would be a growth in human population, which is bad for the environment by definition. Environment good humans bad!

The corrupt side of the natural health world and ecologism or environmentalism benefits, parasitically, of the corruption of the system. Fortunately enough, the system wants to kill them too. There can be no competition. The system is following a deparasitation protocol.

From a Plutonian perspective, this is all a lot of fun. The people who want to heal the world and make everyone free seem to be working for the enemy, and they don't know about it.

If my reasoning in this extra-long comment are correct, then the subconscious sabotage and self-sabotage present in the victims of covid tyranny, me included, is one of the things that keep people anesthesized. What homeopathic preparation could I use to heal that sabotage, I wonder.

My tribe will not believe me when I tell them that their beloved IVM was another con. My compassionate side tells me "Don't say a word. They are already irritated about the possibility growing in their thinking that SARS and COVID may have never been real. Let them process that slowly. Nothing to win." I think that's my Venus and my Pallas in Pisces advising my Mars in Scorpio to be prudent.

Maybe I choose to believe again in covid and ivm and the rebel doctors. That seems to be an easier life. The blue pill for Cipher. But I don't like to betray people, as Cipher did in the Matrix. I only like to study humans betraying each other, as someone who enjoys studying a work of art.

In reality, all the corruption of humans can be studied as a work of art. Treason is a theme that repeats too much. I prefer to study other forms of corruption, like sophistry and war. There is no much treason in sophistry and war, because the participants distrust each other ab initio.

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Extra long? This is extra extra long!!! And I read it all. I was thinking of linking this post to your tribe. Uh oh!

You don't have to buy into anything. You don't have to belong to a pack to join a pack.

It's challenging when pieces seem clear and simple and make sense and others can't get it. It does challenge a lot of established thinking, ways of holding things.

I love this perspective on parasites, it makes so much sense. A simplicity.

Just as the history of radio waves/radiation (?) makes a very simple straightforward sense.

Just as learning the gifts of ourselves and not vilifying them, like feelings/emotions makes beautiful simple sense.

I hear you.

You're not on your own and there are likely many in your tribe who understand.

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Thank you, Elizabeth.

You are very kind.

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I won't link this!

I wanted to say too, it can feel crazy making when you can't speak to things that resonate with you.

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Sometimes yes, not always!!!

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Thanks Amandha - I wonder if people understand why we even have parasites? Look if Gates and Co are spending millions on IM in Africa you just know it is about sterilizing the population. It's their number 1 task as handed down - Old Blood - Rockefeller - Kissinger - Gates etc..

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