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Thank you Amandha

Keep up the great work of true nature


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Igor Chudov is making waves saying the no-virus thesis is now a proven CIA psychological operation. People love to hear that. Propaganda doesn't want an argument. Amandha, do you have any thoughts to share?

Have you ever been a CIA asset? Andy surely is an asset because he was a psychiatrist, and Mike Stone looks totally astroturf (he reminds me of Sam Harris, and his cousin Matt from South Park totally predicts all the ops years in advance, so he is very sus) and Eric Coppolino clearly has contacts with spies, like all astrologers; but Mike Donio and Cowan and Scoglio and Sam and Mark seem to me totally real and solid.

And Stefan Lanka may seem weird but all Germans seem weird: Beethoven, Hermann Hesse, Steiner and that Christine Anderson of the EU parliament. All weird-looking, but quite sincere and very unlikely to have been spies or anything close.

I like to joke, btw.

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Thank you Amandha for all you do and for not giving up. I agree completely, when will people wake up to the lies?

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Amanha, Deepest respect for standing in your power to dig through the muck and bring nature's truths forward, this is simply normal life, unfortunately the mountains of lies keeps us in a state of constantly destroying these constructs with ease and the saddest is the destruction we see and the needless suffering and lives cut short for no reason at all. I have learned and shared so much that you have uncovered to hopefully get through to just a few, as the Great Manual of Regeneration says, seek and we shall find, and these truths will set us free. I have 3 son's & 1 daughter, 22, 20, 18 & 14, home water births, never injected, all very healthy & never ill. If i found mountains of info on BIG PHARMA 24 years ago, it is very sad that others are learning the hardest way possible.

I Love & Cherish your Great & Humble contributions to Mankind's steadfast reawakening! ♡


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