How does one find a good naturopathic doctor, is there a site that one can go to with reviews, location and services provided?

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Yes! Your biggest exposure. Birthed from near ‘sterile’ environment into billions of ‘germs’, trillions of ‘viruses’ and instant adaptation…! Funny how that works <3

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Agreed. I have a theory which is nutso but this seems to be the crowd that might entertain it: we humans are part of the earth. We are supposed to be having a unique, beautiful experience here on earth. Unique being the most important part. Why else are there so many of us? Instead, stupid/and or evil people have convinced most people to have the same thoughts via media, so they’re all swaying to the same disharmonious beat (fear, etc). Not only is this the exact opposite of having a unique experience, it creates a huge energy imbalance. Humans are clumping together and mindlessly repeating propaganda all day. They are acting like cancer. A huge group of humans hurting themselves, like pockets of cancer in a body. The divine intelligence of the earth understands that humans are going off the rails due to the constant lies and self injurious lifestyles. The earth knows it is not well. It needs balance, harmony. Somehow it will correct.

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Really, really good, thank you very much. the table at the beginning is very interesting. Of course the problem is the exact definition of diseases which revolves round the symptoms. As these overlap it can be difficult to label anything bar a response to internal toxicity with varying symptoms.

As each person is an individual, not a herd, they must be treated on a case by case basis.

For what it's worth, you may be interested in what I have written.


Thank you again.

P.S. I consider the so-called virus as the exosome, part of the body's defense system, so friend not foe. I write about it in a sub-link in main link above abut extracted here for ease of reference.


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I am continually thunderstruck by the sheer and persistent childishness of 'the invisible-monster theory,' and in particular its love affair with the idea of pathogenic "viruses." Stefan Lanka once said (in paraphrase) that all life is symbiotic; and so there is no place for such a model...it just DOESN'T work! Following his lead, a series of questions has filled my head: Whence its volition? Namely, WHAT compels a non-living theoretical fragment of 'something' to suddenly embark an a mass-killing spree? Is it simply protecting its babies from would-be predators? Was it 'born' with a natural hatred for life, and seeks murderous retribution? Does it seek power? Is it mad at God? Is it governed by avarice? Cui bono--or rather WHAT benefits, by its purported wantonness? There is no way our Creator would design anything as beautiful, mysterious, and ineffable as life; and then decide also to unleash something as contrary and hideous as a "virus."

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I totally agree, they’ve been brainwashing us for a long time. The way they “isolate viruses” is the equivalent of a junior high experiment done with high tech equipment & a computer that spits out a so called sequence. All these imaginary viruses are real diseases resulting from exposure to toxins in our environment &/or poor nutrition.

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Good article.

I wonder sometimes if some of those who are constantly ill might actually be better off than those people like myself who rarely get acutely sick but struggle with vague symptoms or just feel slightly off or lacking energy most of the time.

The former's organism may be actively able to mount proper immune responses to the polluted world, whereas the latter's organisms may have become too compromised & unable to mount effective responses to get rid of what needs to be eliminated which may lead to a deeper burying of the illness.

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It's amazing how our bodies are like a city of life.

Some people forget how important the workers are to the economy.

They steal and hurt them instead of giving them fair pay.

Fear of outsiders, the original eugenics...

Btw when are you gonna post the stuff on flat earth? It will be interesting to learn why you believe it to be true, as long as you're open to us being able to challenge those pieces of proof. It will help all of us to find what's true, like challenging germ theory, terrain stands on its own feet!

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I'm down with what you're saying, and KUDOS to you for saying it!

I wonder how long it will take before the un-initiated are able to take it in...

The times I've said similar things to folks, they look at me like I'm completely, utterly INSANE.


Well, there are ways of breaking through, but it is a thing.

I'm glad you're doing this! Cheers!! And, thanks. ^_^

Oh, and I was going to mention that often many of these "diseases" could be EMF's! "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg is a REAL eye-opener!! The towers MUST COME DOWN.

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Songs about the dangers of vaccines and the Covid tyranny.

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Parents are so propoagandized. A three year old cannot be "ill" ever. Always ibuprofen.

Always measuring temperature.

The kid is fine, even though he eats horrible kid's cereals. Because the idiotic parents believe is the right thing to do: they are for kids.

Just like pets eat bad pet food, because it is for pets: it has to be the right food!

Of course, skim milk because fat is bad for the heart. For the heart of an infant!!! For God's sake, parents are completely braindead!!!

TV all day, smartphone all day, no time to think, to imagine anything.

Lack of imagination has to be bad for their health.

Humans are not fast or strong animals, but they are resistent and have imagination. We are suppressing our two best traits.

Adults have such a difficult time when exposed to the idea that the disease is not caused by a microbe. It is common sense, they say. It's obvious!

Who can speak against TV? What victim of the cult will stand up and talk against the ies of the leaders?

The worst for me is when they say: we have given this four year old girl this drug and that drug so that she doesn't miss more day at school.

How can people be so stupid about everything!

All toys have to be "educational." Everything is egalitarian, therefore, unnatural. Nothing that comes in contact with children can be real.

People are so well trained consumers that they will say that it is not a good idea to make yogurt at home because people will get sick, because it is not done by a professional with professional equipment. Then I explain that all those are fraudulent talking points to protect a price control scheme. The industrial yogurt is no more clean than anything you can do at home.

They should simply admit they are lazy and leave it there. They prefer inferior food because they have better things to do than preparing food. And if something bad happens, well, it's probably an infection!

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Truth ! ♥️♥️♥️

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Bravo, Natural Hygiene !!

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